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Howdy. We're Kevin & Demi and we host a podcast in which we go through every episode of Gilmore Girls and break it down. This here is the website for the merchandise of that show about that show! Wonderful, huh?

Here's a few notes.

We couldn't do this stuff without you, so we wanna make it easy for you. Everything sold here is made on demand, which is wonderful because it means we don't have to keep a Indiana Jones-esque warehouse of unsold merch, and you don't have to deal with products selling out. We've also factored in the cost of shipping into every product so you won't see an extra surcharge for shipping! (Unfortunately, there's an additional charge for international orders.)  The bad news is, for most of these products it will take about 2-7 business days to make the product (though you'll often find it's mostly on the lower end of that!) and then an additional 3-5 days for shipping within the US, and 6-10 days for international. (Sorry :(. I guess planes gotta stop and refuel when they come to Brazil.) 

Unfortunately, our clothing provider doesn't accept returns unless it's because the product has a mistake, and as such we can't accept returns on your purchases, unless something is straight up wrong. Don't send the package back to the return address if this is something you need, just email us at!

Exchanges are a bit more manageable, but they do come at a cost to you and to us- we'll have you ship it back to us at your own shipping costs (again, something you need to email us at for- we'll provide you with a return address) and then we'll send you out whatever product you purchased, but in a different size. Please be careful when placing your order, though- we won't process exchanges on products that are too big, only ones that are too small. To help, we've listed the sizes for you so it's easy to get the right size before placing your order!


We’ve done our best to make them affordable to everybody who wants one, whether you’re as strapped for cash as Rory in that one episode, or somehow ballin-out-of-control rich, like Rory in almost every other episode. We will continue selling a limited amount/style of the shirts at our shows at a lightly discounted price, but everything on the site has the cost of domestic shipping factored into it. Which means shipping is free! Within the U.S., I mean. Unfortunately, there's an extra shipping charge for international orders. (Starting to sound like a pretty good argument to reunite Pangaea, huh?)

I know we already said it up there, but we couldn't do this without you guys. Your support is the only thing that keeps the show going. We'll be doing our best to make sure everyone can get merchandise, and also maybe working on other cool things to add to the store! So stay tuned for updates on those things.

We love you, thank you for supporting the show! 

-- kevin & demi